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Company name: Les Vignerons du Brulhois
Legal structure: Agricultural Cooperative
Address: 3458 Avenue du Brulhois 82340 DONZAC France
Telephone: 0033 (0)5 63 39 91 67

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Christian GUERIN, General Director of Les Vignerons du Brulhois

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    Head offices: 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix, France
    Tel. +33 (0)8 99 70 17 61

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      For the purposes of this website, Les Vignerons du Brulhois is required to collect certain personal data and information from its visitors including, but not limited to, their first name, second name, email address and telephone number. Such data is used for the purposes of customer loyalty initiatives, website management and statistical analysis. Les Vignerons du Brulhois is responsible for the handling of such data and guarantees its exclusive use.

      Under current legislation, you are entitled to access, rectify and request the removal or deletion of any of your personal data. You are also entitled to refuse or restrict the handling of your personal data.

      Please contact us in writing at the following address, specifying your first name, last name and address, if you wish to exert this right:
      Les Vignerons du Brulhois
      3458 Avenue du Brulhois 82340 DONZAC France
      Telephone: 0033(0)5 63 39 91 67

      You may also submit a claim to the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) if you feel that any of your rights have not been upheld (contact details available at

      Please be assured that your personal data is collected fairly and handled and stored in a secure manner. Your personal information will not be made public or available to third parties (with the exception of our technical service providers when carrying out work on our devices, in the event of which they will be bound by the same confidentiality obligations as us).

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      Les Vignerons du Brulhois makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides to its website users at the time of the information being published. Les Vignerons du Brulhois cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred resulting from the user accessing this information. Les Vignerons du Brulhois reserves the right to amend, correct or delete any content held on the website and cannot be held responsible for the use of such information by website users. Les Vignerons du Brulhois cannot be held liable for any damages incurred from the content of any of the websites linked by hypertext to its own website. It is the user’s responsibility to take all necessary measures to protect their devices, data and software, in particular from computer viruses that may be circulating on the network. Les Vignerons du Brulhois cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by a virus when connecting to its website. Les Vignerons du Brulhois declines all responsibility for any difficulties encountered when accessing its website or as a result of communication failures.

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      Moderate alcohol consumption advice

      You are reminded that alcohol can be dangerous for your health and must be consumed in moderation.

      The sale of alcohol is forbidden to those below the legal age (under court order n°59-107 of 7 January 1959 and law n°74-631 of 5 July 1974). All persons placing orders with Les Vignerons du Brulhois thereby confirm that they are of the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in their country of residence at the time of placing the order. By entering the Les Vignerons du Brulhois website you are confirming that you are of the legal age and within your rights to do so.


      Les Vignerons du Brulhois
      3458 Avenue du Brulhois 82340 DONZAC France
      Telephone: 0033(0)5 63 39 91 67

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      Vignerons du Brulhois
      Jérôme MOREL
      Camille CHRETIEN for Food Locale
      Chevanon Photography
      Pixabay – Rita E

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